Review Policies

I would very much appreciate it if you were to visit my blog and ask me to review a book. Should you be an author, (oh my god, I can’t imagine if I was ever to encounter an author asking me for a book review.), a normal book lover, or a fellow book blogger who wants a book to be reviewed, I would happily say yes. Just send me an email containing the details of the book (a list of required details are posted below). Due to time constraints, I’m only considering on reviewing physical copies of books, either ARCs or finished copies, as of the moment.

Required Details:

  1. Title of the Book
  2. Name of Author
  3. Release Date
  4. Name of Publisher
  5. Genre
  6. Format (If there’s any.)
  7. (OPTIONAL) Format of the book
  8. (OPTIONAL) Number of pages
  9. (OPTIONAL) Price of the book (Prefferably in PhP)

You may send the details to For any other minor inquiries, you may contact me here, or on Twitter (@JMCabraal).

NOTE: Please take note that my review style varies on how much I loved the book. I take note of the book’s elements (world building, character development, writing style, etc.) and focus on those for my review. If I’m able to take note or remember some quotes from it, then I will include them as well.

Thank you for taking the time to browse through my blog, and for choosing me, JM Cabral, to review a/your book. Good day! 🙂


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