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#PatronSaintsPHTour – Official Launch

I can’t believe the world’s about to finally meet Jay Reguero. Reading his story has meant a great deal for me, and I’m sure that’s a recurring thing that you’ll notice in most, if not all, of the blog tour posts that are to be published for this initiative. Randy Ribay’s writing in PATRON SAINTS OF NOTHING is immersive, and so unflinchingly raw and honest, and I’m yet to meet a reader who was not touched by this #ownvoices novel. And now, without further ado, I’d like to welcome you all to the Patron Saints of Nothing PH Blog Tour. To get things started, I have Randy Ribay here on Book Freak Revelations today to talk about how Jay’s story came to be, so please read on!

It was difficult to look away from the news of the drug war after the 2016 elections. My immediate reaction was some combination of concern, confusion, and outrage. After all, these were state-sanctioned extrajudicial killings being committed without due process. It also seemed inherently immoral, standing in stark contrast to the love-thy-neighbor ethics central to Christianity. And at a policy level, I’d seen the US’s own hardline “War on Drugs” fail in a number of ways.

So I was shocked whenever I read reports that over 80% of Filipinos supported the operation and whenever I saw family members posting support for President Duterte on social media. Was there something I was missing? I hadn’t lived in the Philippines since I was a baby, so was I too much of an outsider to see the reality clearly?

That’s the question that gave rise to Jay’s story. With the news of his cousin Jun’s death, Jay HAS to confront it. As all of the most essential questions do, it leads to more questions. Questions about family, faith, truth, identity, morality, ethnicity vs. nationality, and more.

The deep moral questions Jay deals with in the novel and which are at the heart of the drug war are too important to ignore—but they’re easy to ignore if they don’t seem to impact us directly. Unfortunately, our silence in these cases makes us complicit. If very few people are speaking out to say this is wrong, then the injustice continues and eventually becomes accepted as the way things are. But I hope that my story offers resistance against passive acceptance by giving readers the space to consider these questions deeply, to continue the conversation, and to take action based on the implications of their answers.

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This post will be updated every day once tour stop posts have been published, so check back every now and then to follow along the blog tour!

Randy Ribay writes young adult novels and teaches high school English. He was born in the Philippines but grew up in Michigan and Colorado. He’s a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. After living and teaching on the east coast for a decade, Randy now calls the San Francisco Bay Area home. In his all-too-sparse free time he reads, hikes, rock climbs, cuddles with his wife & two dogs, watches great TV (everything from Bachelor in Paradise to Battlestar Galactica), plays video games & tabletop games, and spends an ungodly amount of time on the Internet. He is represented by Beth Phelan at Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency.

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