Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Things to Do and Look Forward to on Bookworms Unite: Year 4


Okay! So, in less than a week, one of the metro’s most anticipated YA event is happening at the Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University, this Saturday! And the title probably gave it away, but Bookworms Unite is already on it’s fourth year! Now, to give everyone a quick rundown on what our attendees should expect, here’s a top ten post for you!

1. Look forward to getting free books. // Perhaps this is the best part of Bookworms Unite. Each year, the hosts collaborate with several sponsors like publishers, and major bookstores to give away some of the most exciting books of the year. From upcoming advanced reader copies (ARCs) to finished paperbacks and/or hardcovers, BU certainly has them all.

2. Meet with friends you’ve previously met online or IRL, or meet new people. // As we’ve said in the past, BU started out only as a small get-together between bookish friends. And it still is. It just so happens that every year, us hosts become more determined to bring you the best and the most memorable bookish meet-up. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other attendees. It’s always nice to make new friends.

3. Get to know more YA books through talks and games. // Part of why we, as BU hosts, want to host this every year is because we love spreading the love for books, whether they be backlist titles or upcoming ones. We always brainstorm for games, and panel ideas that could somehow introduce more YA books to the community. That way, we can somehow help our beloved publishers to spread the word about the fabulous books that they produce.

4. Get competitive and get a chance to win more books. // Okay, you’ve read reason #1, right? Great. Because in order to get MORE free books, attendees must be competitive and play games (see reason #3)! From a cover guessing game, to a YA trivia, your BU hosts have thought of them all. Be sure to read and get to know your favorite YA characters before coming to the event. Here are a couple of BU4 books to get you started:

5. Eat up. // Bring a light snack, or check out nearby cafés or restaurants. Katipunan is known to be the home of a lot of well-recommended restaurants and / or cafés. We’ve allotted an hour for you guys to grab a quick bite, just so you’ll have enough energy to last you through the day.

6. Bring (and also take) books for the infamous book blind date. // Every year, most if not all BU attendees are anticipating the BBD. It’s pretty chaotic, especially if we only have one big table, but the thrill of grabbing for books that intrigued you is definitely part of what makes this very enjoyable.

7. Pass it on, and donate books for our book drive. // Everyone will not go home empty handed, that’s for sure. Now, since you’ll be coming home with new books to read, please do consider donating books for our book drive. This year, we’re partnering with the Rizal Library Ambassadors to help bring books to other parts of the nation. There’s no minimum or maximum amount of donations, but we do encourage everyone to donate books for kids, teens, and/or young adults.

8. Tweet about or recap your time at Bookworms Unite. // By doing this, you help spread the word about our little organization. Part of why we still host Bookworms Unite every year is because of the tremendous amount of support that everyone keeps on giving us, especially our sponsors, and so to widen our reach, we highly encourage everyone to talk about their time during BU. Whether you post on Facebook, tweet a thread on Twitter, b/vlog about it, whatever floats your boat, honestly.

9. Keep in touch with everyone: attendees, hosts, etc. // Remember reason #2? Yeah, that’s gonna come into play here again. Once BU is over, we’re hoping that everyone made at least one friend with whom you share the same passion with. Remember to take note of each other’s social media accounts, and reach out to them once you have the time. We’re overwhelmed at how many friendships our meager organization helped create and so we hope to share this with new attendees.

10. Keep your love for reading alive. // And once BU is done, we most certainly hope that somehow, someway, we helped spark a fire in you, one that’s flames are ignited by your love for reading. Let’s make the Filipino bookish community one of, if not the best one out there.

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Are you coming to this year’s Bookworms Unite? What are you most excited for? And if you aren’t going, then stay tuned for future giveaways!

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Until the next one!

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