[Book Review #85] Alex & Eliza by Melissa De La Cruz


Their romance shaped a nation. The rest was history.

1777. Albany, New York.

As battle cries of the American Revolution echo in the distance, servants flutter about preparing for one of New York society’s biggest events: the Schuylers’ grand ball. Descended from two of the oldest and most distinguished bloodlines in New York, the Schuylers are proud to be one of their fledgling country’s founding families, and even prouder still of their three daughters—Angelica, with her razor-sharp wit; Peggy, with her dazzling looks; and Eliza, whose beauty and charm rival that of both her sisters, though she’d rather be aiding the colonists’ cause than dressing up for some silly ball.

Still, she can barely contain her excitement when she hears of the arrival of one Alexander Hamilton, a mysterious, rakish young colonel and General George Washington’s right-hand man. Though Alex has arrived as the bearer of bad news for the Schuylers, he can’t believe his luck—as an orphan, and a bastard one at that—to be in such esteemed company. And when Alex and Eliza meet that fateful night, so begins an epic love story that would forever change the course of American history.

Book Specifications:

Author: Melissa De La Cruz

Format: Hardcover, Finished Copy

Part of a Series: No. Standalone.

Release Date: April 11, 2017

Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

No. of Pages: 336 pages

Price: $17.99

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Historical Fiction

Book Review:


Massive thanks to my friends from Penguin Random House International for sending a finished copy of this book my way. This did not, in any way, affect my overall opinion of the book and/or the story.

The fact that I’ve been enthralled with Hamilton since last year is clearly not news to anyone I’ve been friends with for a long time. I was converted last year at Bookworms Unite 2.0 when my friend Miel from Bookish and Awesome practically begged me to give the soundtrack a chance and try to listen to all the tracks in one go. I’ve been a fan, an addicted one that is, since then. I’ll admit, I’m not that well educated with American History, but I think the lyrics, and the catchy beat are enough reasons to get me hooked. With that said, I’m so excited to get the chance to read Alex & Eliza by Melissa De La Cruz, and have the opportunity to share with you today my thoughts on this amazingly written novel.

For those of you who I’ve been friends with for quite some time now, you probably know just how big a fan I am for sickly sweet YA contemporaries. Happy endings, massively kilig-inducing scenes, creative & romantic dialogues between the main character/s and their love interest/s… Well, that’s just what this book is all about. Albeit tackling American History, this novel, as it states on it’s cover, is a love story. It will make you feel giddy for hours, allowing you to grin, cringe, and just laugh out loud because of the banter, and Melissa’s impressive way of telling a story that’s both entertaining and revolutionary.

The characters were all impressively written as well. Seeing that this is just a retelling, just Melissa’s take on the classic love story, I really didn’t mind the accuracy of the characters’ depiction. Everyone will get a chance to know a little more about Angelica, and Peggy, both beautiful and smart in their own way, from a different angle. The same goes for John Laurens, Marquis de Lafayette, and so much more. I was also happy yet intrigued to be introduced to the Livingstons, the Van Cortlandts, the Van Rensselaers, and all the other families mentioned. Honestly though, it was quite easy to lose track of all the characters.

On a more technical note, I adored the Historical aspect of Alexander Hamilton & Elizabeth Schuyler’s story. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not well immersed in American Culture, and I can’t vouch for this book’s accuracy in terms of political history, since I know next to zero about it, but I think it’s safe to say that I enjoyed this particular aspect of the book. If it’s accurate, then I would like to thank Melissa for such an educating experience. If not, I enjoyed my reading just the same. For sure, I’ll be doing some research on this so as to know which parts of this retelling were accurate, and which ones weren’t. I’m looking forward to discovering more about this topic!

 “Melissa De La Cruz’ take on bringing life to this intriguing and revolutionary love story is, in my opinion, spot on! The romance was sweet, the sassy and classy banter between the characters was highly entertaining, and if you dove into this book expecting to fall in love with Hamilton deeper, then you’ve definitely chosen the right novel!”


Characters – 4.00

Plot – 4.00

Writing Style – 3.50

Pacing – 4.00

Ending – 4.00

TOTAL – 3.9 / 4★

Quotable Quotes:

“I think I see us as Mama and Papa are. Not enthralled with each other, but respectful and supportive.Two people joined together in a partnership to create something enduring. A family. A legacy.” – Angelica Schuyler

“Are you courting me, Colonel Hamilton?” Eliza asked with a shy smile. “If you can call courting taking a girl to an infirmary as an afternoon’s outing. And this after only recently getting her to talk to him!”

“I didn’t accept him” Eliza said “I fear I am too patriotic to marry against the cause.” Alex seemed satisfied with the answer. I didn’t accept him, Eliza thought but didn’t say, because he wasn’t you.

“But is that what a marriage is? Learning how to ‘manage’ your husband so that he doesn’t oppress you? Praying for his departure rather than yearning for his return?”

About The Author:

Melissa de la Cruz is the New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of many critically acclaimed and award-winning novels for teens including The Au Pairs series, the Blue Bloods series, the Ashleys series, the Angels on Sunset Boulevard series and the semi-autobiographical novel Fresh off the Boat.

She now divides her time between New York and Los Angeles, where she lives in the Hollywood Hills with her husband and daughter.

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3 thoughts on “[Book Review #85] Alex & Eliza by Melissa De La Cruz

  1. OY, I DID NOT BEG YOU. Wait, did I? Well, okay, maybe. But I’m so damn glad of how you’ve turned out to be! As well as Jem and Inah and Danica. *Clears throat.* Pride is not the word I’m looking for. There is so much more inside me now. *Clears throat.*


  2. I’ve never listened to Hamilton *runs away* but I did read this for my book club and I thought it was cute. Even though I took tons of American History classes growing up, I didn’t know who Hamilton was so after reading the book I definitely feel like I need to brush up on my history because I feel like I’m missing out on something.


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