[Bookish Announcements #10] The Everything, Everything Read-a-long + Giveaway


The Everything, Everything movie is only weeks away! Can you believe it? Now, in honor of the much anticipated premiere, Book Freak Revelations is hosting the Everything, Everything read-a-long! All you need to know to join in on this fun, online activity is on this post, so read on!

Anyone who call themselves a friend of mine must truly know one thing: Everything, Everything is one of my most favorite books! It introduced me to not just diversity, but also to Nicola Yoon, who happens to be my most favorite author of all time! This book changed my life when I first read it in 2015, and it’s surreal to finally be able to watch the movie in just a few weeks. Now, in order to relive all the glorious scenes in the book, of course, I have to re-read this gem. This time, I’m inviting EVERYONE to read with me!

How To Join / Details:

  • Participants must have a copy of Everything, Everything: whether it be a hardcover, a paperback, an e-copy, an ARC, any format would do! (For PH readers, National Book Store has them if you’re planning to buy a copy!)
  • Participants must also have a Twitter account as I will be making a DM group for everyone who wants to be in on this exciting read-a-long! This is nothing personal, really. I just feel like Twitter’s the most accessible place where every participant can share their thoughts about the book.
  • Participants must, lastly, be willing to converse with other people so as to share their thoughts and/or feels about the book. I know lots of readers who are completely introverted, but I’ve also seen what books can do to people. It can help us come out of our shells, and this read-a-long aims to do just that. Also, we can all use another friend or two, right?
  • Now, should you feel the need to join this read-along, please let me know via the comment section, or send me a quick Tweet or DM via Twitter!
  • This read-a-long will formally start on May 14, and will end on May 20.


I’m looking forward to reading Everything, Everything with you all!


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