[Blog Tour Book Review #18] Feels Like Summer by Six De Los Reyes


Five-minute girlfriend. That’s what Jett signs up for when she meets Adrian and his band Arabella at beach music festival Summer Storm. One kiss and the attraction is too electric to ignore, but Jett has no room for love and Adrian is Mr. Relationship who’s getting over his recent breakup. The solution? Keep it simple. Keep it casual. For three months (that’s the rule about breakups, right?), Jett helps Adrian move on and Adrian shows up on Jett’s bed whenever she wants.

Then the three months are up and neither of them are in a hurry to be the first to leave. Does Jett walk away from a potential disaster or does she finally let someone into her closely-guarded heart?

Book Specifications:

Author: Six De Los Reyes

Format: Kindle eARC

Part of a Series: Yes. Summer Storm #2

Release Date: April 12, 2017

Genre: Realistic Fiction, New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Music

Book Review:

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With the Summer season finally at it’s full blast here in Manila, it’s a no-brainer for bibliophiles such as myself to be on the constant lookout for books about the blinding heat, and/or relaxing beaches. Just as I did when I read Let It Snow and My True Love Gave To Me during my winter vacation. Today, as the scorching heat further melts my skin, I’m here to talk about my rather incoherent thoughts on Feels Like Summer by Six De Los Reyes.

I’m not gonna lie, I went in blind when I signed up for this tour. Right after I read Beginner’s Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions, I was pretty confident about liking, if not loving, Six’ other books. I believe it’s safe to say that I did love Feels Like Summer. As with her previous book, Six wrote such an endearing story with new characters that will surely tug on everyone’s heartstrings. Oh, and did I mention that this happens to be a fast-paced read too? As with all #romanceclass books, expect to be done with this book within a day or two. Every page will surely captivate readers, leaving them breathless, and wanting more.

Personally, I’m not that much of a music / band enthusiast, but I did appreciate the use of the said dynamic. I adored Arabella both as a music group AND also fell head over heels in love (!!!) with all of them individually. Six has a natural way of creating and writing characters that will make you love not just the MC and the LI, but also some of the side characters and extras. However, I do have a soft spot for Michael Brian (maybe because of his abs? :p)

On a slightly negative note, however, I did have quite a hard time trying to keep up with some of the names, and small back stories of a couple of side characters, who apparently were mentioned in Feels Like Summer with a cameo role. I mean, I don’t mind reading about authors’ previous characters in a different novel. Sometimes, I even get excited whenever I see familiar names in a book, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that I might have enjoyed reading this book if I was forewarned that some of the characters appeared in the author’s past books.

“As a whole, though, Feels Like Summer is so much more than just a summer-y read. With a writing style that is as cute and breezy as the story is captivating and entertaining, Six’ newest book will surely introduce you to your (hopefully) new favorite characters and OTPs. Definitely worth reading!”


Characters – 3.50

Plot – 4.00

Writing Style – 4.50

Pacing – 4.00

Ending – 4.00

TOTAL – 4★

About the Author:


Six de los Reyes has been reading and making up stories for as far as she can remember. In fifth grade, she learned to write about the stories she wanted to read. As a pretend grownup, she writes contemporary romance novels. Her day job doing science has something to do with being a part-time mermaid and a part-time labrat. She currently lives next to the sea.

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One thought on “[Blog Tour Book Review #18] Feels Like Summer by Six De Los Reyes

  1. Never read a #romanceclass book before but Six De Los Reyes has always been at the top of my author list to check out. Maybe I’ll start with this one since I LOVEEE anything music related. And it looks like the perfect summer read too hihi.


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