#TheThanksUGive || Thankful Ten: 10 Things I’m Most Grateful For

the-thanks-u-giveIt’s no doubt that my blogging experience won’t be as amazing without the people who I’ve met these past few years, and I can’t help but feel so good about having to draft and publish this thanksgiving blog post. In light of #TheThanksUGive, a week-long blog event hosted by Mish of Chasing Faerytales, and Hazel of Stay Bookish, of course, I NEED to publicly thank a few people who helped me and Book Freak Revelations be here today.


  1. To Jasmine, also known as my bookish best friend, for being one of the loveliest friends ever, for sharing her feels with me about books that turned out to be our favorites, for helping me grow as a blogger, and for just being one of my bright places. It was her personality that made me proud to call myself her friend.img_6588
  2. To Hazel, also known as one of the many bloggers I look up to, and have fortunately become a great friend of mine over the past few months I’ve been in the blogosphere, for being an inspiration and for keeping me afloat when times were rough for my blog. It was through her that I realized that sometimes, your content is enough to keep people interested with you and your site. I learned from much of her comeback posts that blogging should never feel like work.img_8671
  3. To Rafael, also known as one of the few people I always miss A LOT, for always being generous with me, and helping me get over millions of the intense fangirling sessions I’ve been on, for talking with me about all our favorite fantasy and contemporary reads both online and in person. It’s his enthusiasm and unparalleled support that keeps me doing what I do best.img_6938
  4. To my Hobnobbers Family, also known as the first bookish friends I’ve made, for helping me cope up with one of the darkest phases in my existence, for letting me be a part of everyone’s life, and for all the laughs and exciting adventures we’ve been on. Words can’t express how grateful I am for all that we’ve been through together. Thank you!img_8349img_5889img_7805
  5. To some more amazing friends, Inah, Jem, Allie, Miel, Josiah, Aly, Camelle, Jhed, Nicka, Bea, thank you for everything that we’ve been through thus far! I don’t think I’ll ever stop saying how much I miss you all, because I do. I truly, truly do. I always miss our book talks, and every time we get to meet and bond over our love for literature, is basically an instant favorite event for me. Thank you for your friendship, and for being awesome.
  6. To ALL the international book bloggers / bookstagramers I’ve met these past few years, please know that we might not have met each other personally (yet) but your friendship means so much to me just the same. To Joey, Aentee, CW, Jenna, Jesse, Bayram, Sarah K., Kevin L., Reagen, Yvonne, Abeer, Kath, Mish, Reg, and a whole lot more, I hope you realize how much I appreciate our friendship. You all mean a great deal to me!
  7. To my generous and thoughtful friends at Penguin Random House, and HarperCollins, for giving me the chance to work with them, and enabling me to help give their gorgeous books a local shout out, I hope you guys know how grateful I am to have worked with you all. Thank you for always entrusting me with your books.img_8305
  8. To the amazing people at National Book Store, and Fully Booked for always doing their absolute best for the Filipino Bookish Community, bringing all kinds of novelists to the Philippines so readers of all ages experience the thrill that comes with the experience of meeting New York Times Bestselling authors, having book bargains so ALL FILIPINOS get to buy their next favorite read with unbelievable discounts, and for helping everyone find the inner reader within themselves, thank you! You guys are the real heroes!img_9412
  9. To my favorite authors, Nicola Yoon, Jennifer Niven, Adam Silvera, Becky Albertalli, Jeff Zentner, Stephanie Garber, Kiera Cass, Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Christine Brae, Morgan Matson, Sarah J. Maas, and Marissa Meyer, I hope you all know how much your words (a.k.a. your stories) inspire and keep me going especially during difficult times. Even if you probably won’t get to read this post, I hope you know how much you all mean to me. You take me to different worlds, and that’s perhaps the best thing one could ever give me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me into the lives of your characters. ph-ya-book-bloggers-with-sj-maas
  10. And finally to Kate, Kai, Louisse, Kevin, Salve, Dianne, Jesselle, and basically all the other PH YA Book Bloggers I meet every signing, I’m more than grateful for your friendship. It’s been fun seeing and chatting with everyone whenever authors visit Manila, and I hope you know how excited I am every time we get the chance to bond. Thank you for the book talks, book recs, and just for being awesome.

The list would just go on, and on! As much as it pains me, though, I have to stop here. But the idea of this post is to show how infinitely grateful I am for all the people I’ve met and worked with these past few years. It has been an amazing journey so far, and everything I am now is all because of you.

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Until the next time!



12 thoughts on “#TheThanksUGive || Thankful Ten: 10 Things I’m Most Grateful For

    1. YES to dim sum!! But seriously, Joey. I’m so, so grateful to have met a brutally honest blogger such as yourself. Your reviews give me so much insight and I hope you realize how much our friendship, even if it’s purely virtual (for now), means to me. Thank you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In retrospect, I shouldn’t be wearing this “brutally honest blogger” badge like the”I’m the rudest and baddest bitch in the community”. But I digress.

        Likewise, J.M.! I hope one day everyone’s virtual friendship can become something tangible in person (not to discount the fun online relationships have provided everyone within any community).


  1. You are the brightest star in the starlit sky, JM. You inspire me so much and being in this bookish community is something I cherish deeply and will never forget.


    Liked by 1 person

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