[Event Recap #20] #MIBF2016 and #MorganMatsoninPH


The past weekend has been such a whirlwind of events. From having the time of my life at the Manila International Book Fair, to meeting the New York Times Bestselling Author, Morgan Matson, there’s definitely nothing I want more than to just write about my amazing experiences. Of course, what better way to cap off these events with recaps, right?

My first and last chance of going to this year’s Manila International Book Fair was last Saturday. I missed two consecutive years of going to the fair, so I made it a point to go this time around. I went with my good friends Rafael from The Royal Polar Bear Reads, and Hazel from Stay Bookish.

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming feeling of seeing books with big price drops, I wasn’t able to take photos during the event, but all I can say is that there were lots of amazing titles up for grabs from different exhibitors. National Book Store and Fully Booked were both quite impressive when it came to restocking titles of high demand, and I’m glad I was able to snag all the books on my to-buy list! I also won an ARC from National Book Store’s online Twitter contest and I went home with the following titles:

  • It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
  • Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
  • Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour
  • ARC: Be Good, Be Real, Be Crazy by Chelsey Philpot

I hauled these books all within an hour because that was my goal during the event: Grab whatever you need, pay for them, and get out before you start buying impulsively. *laughs*

Afterwards, Hazel and I decided to drop by Morgan Matson’s NBS Glorietta signing to meet up with friends and we both ended lining up for the actual signing. We were numbers 177 and 178, and since we had so much time to kill, we opted to talk and take photos with some of our bookish friends instead. Here are a few documentary photos:

On the middle photo, from left to right, that’s Hazel, Me, Allie from A Literary Wanderer, and Bea from Confessions of A Pinay Bookaholic. Credits to Allie for the fabulous photos.

We had a great time talking about books, future signing events, and just how exciting it was to have been able to read The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon! These girls all loved that book, and I couldn’t have been more pleased!

It was also amazing to see Inah and Jem from The Bibliophile Confessions again! The last time I saw these girls was during the #BookwormsUnitePH event, and of course, I had to give them all the hugs I could give!

When it was finally our chance to meet Morgan, we didn’t have much to say since we lined up impulsively so we just opted to take a photo and mention a few sweet messages to Morgan.

I went home wearing a big smile on my face, and a happy bookish heart! I had an amazing day, and the weekend is only halfway through at this point. I was so excited for the next day to come!

On Sunday, September 18, I got another chance to meet Morgan, this time, being able to bring all her books I have with me. Of course, we had this Q&A and here’s a quick rundown:

  • Since she has a background on theater and screen writing, Morgan was able to slip it in her books, wherein some of her characters were fond of either listening to musical tracks or writing plays. She also thought that it would be fun to write about characters who loved to write about plays.
  • Since she’s also the woman behind “Katie Finn”, author of the Brokenhearts & Revenge series, she said that writing under two different names was fun at first since she was able to write a story that was a little bit different and extreme from “Morgan Matson books” but it became time consuming. For now, she wants to focus on writing as Morgan Matson.
  • She also shared that she writes about teens in realistic fiction because it’s a genre she’s most comfortable with, and she wants to write stories that feel real.
  • When asked about Clark’s writing (Clark is a character in The Unexpected Everything), the idea of writing and sneaking in a few pages of Clark’s work into her next book has indeed crossed her mind. She is, however a little more interested in going full Rainbow Rowell and write a novel similar to “Carry On” to pay tribute to Clark’s stories.

  • When asked about the top three things a list might contain that a friend might give her that’s similar to Emily’s in Since You’ve Been Gone, she would want it to have Skydiving, Driving on the other side of the road, and getting a cat since she’s scared to do almost all of that stuff.
  • In Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, Morgan wanted to tell the story of a road trip that didn’t just felt life-like, and well documented. She also wanted to tell the emotional aspect of Amy’s grief and pain, while at the same time, showing how much fun it would be to develop a love story with a character as lovable as Roger Sullivan.
  • Since You’ve Been Gone, on the other hand, was basically like a handwritten love letter for her best friend Amalia. Some of the stories and/or lines, while it tackled friendships of different kinds, was entirely based on her friendship with her. There are inside jokes, terms, and phrases that they both used, making it a very personal story. It’s also the book that she has the heaviest attachment to.
  • When asked if she has any advice for aspiring writers, she said that the most important thing to remember is to finish the work you’ve started. Before, she was know as the Queen of 30 pages, wherein she would usually start different works and end with 30 pages worth of drafts. She also said that being able to say that you’ve finished a book is one of the most satisfying feeling in the world, so just power through your writing.

Hands down, Morgan Matson is one of the most enthusiastic and quirkiest authors who has ever visited the Philippines. She’s very vocal about her amazing trip and how much she loves the Mangoes in the Philippines.

When my chance to meet and greet Morgan again came, I was rather elated to know that she recognized me from the previous day. We talked about her love for Mangoes, and how much she wants to come back in the near future.


Meeting Morgan Matson was definitely a treat! She was bright in every way, and I can’t even reiterate just how glad I am to have been able to meet her and have my books signed by her. She’s absolutely an amazing young woman, one that I’m sure to read more of in the near future.


Here are my books, all have been signed by Morgan Matson.

This weekend has been a blast. From hauling amazing titles, to talking with lots of bookish friends about the printed word, and meeting one lovely author, the only negative I have to say is that somehow, all good things must eventually come to an end. It was fun while it lasted, though.


Check out my #MIBF2016 and #MorganMatsoninPH Book Haul!

Since this post is almost at the end, of course, I can’t end it without a few thank yous to some amazingly kind people:

  • To my great friend, Rafael, thank you for gifting me Sarah J. Maas’ Empire of Storms! You are kind, and I just have no words.
  • To another great friend, Hazel, thank you for being my buddy for this amazing weekend! I had a grand time fangirling with you.
  • To another kind soul, Louisse Ang from The Soul Sisters, for willingly lending her ARCs of Heartless and Caraval to me, I can’t even thank you enough, I believe. Thank you for everything!
  • To National Book Store, thank you for always doing your best to bring fabulous authors to the Philippines. Also, thanks for bringing Morgan Matson this time! You guys are awesome!
  • And to all the friends I’ve made and met during the last 2 days, you mean the world to me! I love talking to everyone, and I hope to see you guys again in future events.

And that’s it for this quite lengthy post. I’ve mentioned it quite a few times now, but I seriously enjoyed my weekend. My bookish heart is crying right now.

Did you go to this year’s MIBF? What books did you get? Did you meet Morgan Matson too? Tell me all about your experience via the comment section.

Until the next one!


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