[Wrap-up #3] August 2016 Wrap-up + Book Haul + Life Updates


August was definitely not the best month for me in terms of reading and blogging. I took my sweet time trying to adjust to finally being an adult with a full time job, and I (kinda) neglected being a book freak. This unexpected hiatus made me feel a bit better about myself and how Book Freak Revelations still has it’s place in the book blogosphere. It was unexpected, but I actually had fun while I was at it. Anyway, here’s a wrap-up so I could share with you some of the things that went down for me and my blog last August!


  1. I did the Intimidating TBR Book Tag way back when I was in the middle of trying and failing to jumble work, reading, and blogging. On that post, you’ll get a glimpse at how much I fail at being a book hoarder who actually reads what he buys. Check the post out here, and should you be interested, I’m tagging YOU to do it!
  2. I published an announcement post for The Philippine Readers & Writers Festival 2016! I don’t think it’s still relevant to share now, since the event has long been concluded, but still, you may check it out here.
  3. Oh, and of course, since I attended the Book Blogging 101 panel on the last day of #GoReadWrite2016, I had to draft a recap for it and list down the things I heard and learned for those of you who are planning on starting a book blog. You may check that post out here.
  4. And lastly, I shared with everyone how sweet it was to finally meet some of the ladies behind Penguin Random House International through an event recap wherein I went to a fancy tea party and met some of the internet friends I’ve been meaning to meet in real life! This, no doubt, made my entire month, so you might want to check that post out here.

August 2016 Book Haul 

If there’s one thing I’m totally winning is my book buying game. I’m telling you, if this would have been my job, I swear I’ll be climbing the corporate ladder in a flash! I got amazing titles, some of which I’ve been actually buying since July, but I’ll feature them now instead.

  1. I bought Hamilton: The Revolution with my first ever paycheck. After having been turned into complete Hamiltrash, I just had to get my grabby hands on this treasure. I already skimmed it, and it may not provide me with the legit Hamilton experience, but it’s definitely a start.
  2. I bought Harry Potter and The Cursed Child on the day of release just because I’ve been meaning to read it for so long! And no, I haven’t read it yet because I’m failing at being a Potterhead as well. But hopefully, I can read it this September!
  3. I bought This Savage Song because I actually want it to be the first ever Victoria Schwab book I’ll read because it’s a YA fantasy book sans the romance, so I’m definitely intrigued!
  4. I bought You Know Me Well with help from my friend Rafael of The Royal Polar Bear Reads, because I keep on seeing great reviews about it from some of my blogger friends, so I’m excited to read it too!
  5. I bought The Serpent King (again) because I needed it in hardcover. It’s definitely one of the greatest books I’ve read so far this year, so if you have the time, you should also check my review of this book, which you may check out here.
  6. I bought More Happy Than Not for the same reason. I loved it so much the first time I read it, so I had to have it in hardcover. And I definitely recommend for you to check out my emotional review of this book here.
  7. I bought A Darker Shade of Magic because I got it with a 20% discount, and I wasn’t about to let my chance of buying it with a discount slip through my hands.
  8. I bought Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour from a friend in preparation for Morgan Matson’s book signing event, as always, hosted by National Book Store! The event will be held on August 16-18 so I guess I’ll get to see some of my friends again!
  9. I bought The Universe of Us during the last day of the Powerbooks Sale because I’m a huge fan of Lang Leav and I’ll read anything she writes.
  10. I borrowed Air Awakens from my bestie Jasmine of Jasmine Pearl Reads because I’m finally giving in to the urge of finally starting to read this series which she’s been recommending for me for the longest time!


  1. I received An Ember In The Ashes and an ARC of A Torch Against the Night from Penguin Random House in preparation for the global blog tour that they’re hosting! My review for EMBER can be found here, and my review for TORCH will go live on September 9th, so stay tuned! (I loved it!)
  2. I received an ARC of 10 Things I Can See From Here, Poison’s Kiss, and Because of The Sun, a signed copy of Unforgiven, and a movie tie-in edition of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children when I met up with the ladies from Penguin Random House for tea! It came with tote bags, and pins, and posters. I swear, PRH is just the most generous!

Life Updates

  1. After a month of working, I feel like I’ve completely adjusted to my new schedule, and I’m confident that I can finally go back to reading and blogging again! I’ve missed how it feels to read 3 books in a week, and hopefully, I can work everything out. I’m looking at trying to draft and publish posts twice a week, and move on from there.
  2. Also, as I have mentioned above, I’ll be going to Morgan Matson’s Manila Signing on September 17, 2016, Saturday, at National Book Store Glorietta 1! I’ve been buying her books ever since rumors of her coming here went about, and I’m actually reading Amy & Roger’s now, and I’m completely hooked! I hope to see you guys there!
  3. I’m also more than excited for this year’s Manila International Book Fair! I missed last year’s and I actually don’t know if I’ll be able to browse the SMX Convention Center this time around because I have a job to attend to now. But nonetheless, it’s still an event worth getting excited for!

How was YOUR August? How many books did you read / buy? Was your month exciting too? Tell me all about it in the comment section!

Until the next one!


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