[Event Recap #19] Book Blogger Tea Party with Penguin Random House


Last Monday, I got the fortunate chance to bond with my fellow Filipino Book Bloggers and meet some of the most lovely ladies from Penguin Random House over a Tea Party! This event was hosted by PRH’s International Sales Department and obviously, I had the most amazing time!

It’s no secret that working with Penguin Random House has been a blast for me. Ever since I started working with them earlier this year, I made it a goal to someday meet some of the generous people working with the brand to personally show my gratitude for giving me a chance to work with and for them. So you can only imagine the elation I felt when I received an invite from them to come to a fancy tea party that they’ll be hosting. Of course I had to grab my chance!

So on the morning of August 29, I met up early with my book bestie Jasmine from Jasmine Pearl Reads, so we could catch up and talk about serious stuff a.k.a. BOOKS (lol) we had a blast browsing the shelves of Powerbooks and we can’t even express just how much we’ve missed each other.

After strolling around Greenbelt, we then met up with some more of our internet friends: Beatrice from Beatrice Learns to Read, and Nicka from Read by Nicka! We were beyond excited at this point because we’ve been planning to meet for months and this event made it possible for us to take a squad photo!


From left to right, that’s Jasmine, Bea, Me, and Nicka! (Credits to Jasmine for the photo!)

We then went to Bizu to finally meet up with Ms. Honey De Peralta, Ms. Jennifer Javier, and Ms. Christine Swedowsky from Penguin Random House’s International Sales! I previously met Ms. Honey during #BookwormsUnitePH 2016, and that made me a lot more at ease and less nervous to meet these wonderful women working in the Publishing business.

From left to right, that’s me with Ms. Christine, Ms. Jennifer, and Ms. Honey!

They were so warm and welcoming, we instantly felt comfortable meeting them, and I felt at home at this point. Almost immediately, we talked about how long we’ve been in contact with Penguin Random House, how long we’ve been blogging, and tons more of related stuff. After a few minutes, the other bloggers arrived and, of course, introductions were in order. It was absolutely nice to finally meet some of the people that I’ve been conversing with only through social media! We didn’t get to talk much since we only had limited time, but I did make it a point to share just how much I love Jennifer Niven (and her books), Nicola Yoon (OH MY GOD, I’M LITERALLY FANGIRLING AGAIN AS I’M DRAFTING THIS), and lots more!

Also, since it’s a tea party, it won’t be an official one without these delicious goodies! Everything was so fancy, and I died and went to literary heaven basically because Books and Food are two of my most favorite things in the world. Here are some great things that went down that day:

  • We had nice and meaningful talks about the bookish community, bookstagraming and how Instagram really did copy Snapchat’s entire interface.
  • It was also nice to get a chance to talk to them about a possible book signing event for Nicola Yoon. Some of us kept on pitching the idea, and I would just die of fangirling should #NicolaYooninPH be a legit thing!
  • I also got a chance to voice out some of my opinions about the growing drama that Twitter has been quite fond of the past couple of weeks, and it was satisfying to finally get it out of my system!
  • It was both a weird and funny experience for me to actually rap out, without any embarrassment, a verse from the track “Satisfied” from the Hamilton musical to Ms. Honey de Peralta who happens to be another Hamilton enthusiast.
  • Ms. Christine Swedowsky was more than ecstatic to share with everyone how much she enjoyed being in the Philippines. From riding the “tricycle and the jeepneys”, to eating at the #1 Filipino Fast Food Chain, Jollibee, to having the time of her life at Tagaytay. Hearing her stories about my homeland just warmed my heart.
  • It was nice to finally meet Ms. Jennifer Javier too! I’ve only conversed with her once through email, and she reminds me so much of my author friend Christine Brae! She’s bubbly, quirky, and absolutely stunning!

And as much as I want to share more of the things we talked about, at this point, all I can remember is how much I fangirled over Nicola Yoon, Everything Everything, and The Sun Is Also A Star! Seriously. I might have spent most of my time telling everyone to read Nicola’s books, and I found no shame in that.

After hours of more bookish talks, of course, the fabulous event must end. Every good thing eventually does. What better way to do that than by taking photos, right?

From top to bottom, left to right, that’s me with Camelle, Jasmine, Nicka, Jhed, Hazel, Kate, Kai, and Beatrice. I’ll be linking you to their blogs down below!

Oh, and did I mention that we all came home with heavily loaded gift bags? Dude! I’m telling you, the day just kept on getting better and better! We all went home with these regal PRH tote bags, filled with 2017 galleys, signed books, and swags! Here’s a photo of the books I got:


I got a signed copy of Lauren Kate’s Unforgiven, 2017 galleys: 10 Things I Can See From Here, Because of The Sun, and Poison’s Kiss, and a movie tie-in edition of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children!

It was such an amazing experience, you guys! Endless thanks to Penguin Random House for hosting this well-appreciated gathering, and for always being so generous. No wonder you guys are so blessed! I’m seriously looking forward to more events like these with you guys! Oh, and before I end this post, let me just leave this here…


My “JM Pose” has officially gone global!

Be sure to check out and follow all these lovely blogs moderated by the most inspiring ladies:

Oh, and be sure to check out Penguin Random House on Facebook, Twitter, and their official website for more updates on upcoming books and bookish events!

Would YOU ever attend a tea party with bookish friends? What’s your favorite type of event to meet up with friends? Sound off in the comments section below!

Until the next one!


17 thoughts on “[Event Recap #19] Book Blogger Tea Party with Penguin Random House

  1. Loving this recap, JM! I’m feeling sentimental HAHA. It was a fun filled day loaded with books and the awesomet people! Also, I couldn’t resist the macarons that I had to take some home. xD I hope we get to do this again soon. Missing you and the squad already!

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