[Event Recap #17] #AmyandAndreainPH


Last July 3rd, I had the most amazing time meeting Amy Zhang, and Andrea PortesHarperCollins authors of Falling Into Place, This is Where The World Ends, Anatomy of A Misfit, and Fall of Butterflies. I had to come clean then that I am yet to read their books, and neither do I have them so I opted to have one book of each author signed for a future giveaway instead, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I was excited to see everyone again after a month! I just love getting to talk with my friends, and as always, these events help me develop my relationship with other bloggers. So, what happened was I was early to the party, and ended up talking about Harry Potter and Game of Thrones with friends. Once we got registered, we settled at the venue of the signing, patiently waiting for the authors to arrive.


Some of my blogger friends and I were focused as laser on tweeting National Book Store for their ARC giveaways during the event! They are so generous with these giveaways that they host mini contests via Twitter, and they give away several copies of different ARCs! Below’s a sample tweet:

Anyway, after thousands of refreshing the Twitter app, and multiple talks of everyone’s current reads, Amy and Andrea arrived shortly thereafter. As usual, we got the opportunity to ask them about some of their books, writing processes, and I took down notes! Since I haven’t read their books, I’m not sure whether some of their answers contained spoilers, but I had everything listed down for everyone!

  • When asked if they would ever opt to do a collaboration with anyone, Andrea answered that she already did for the film version of her books “Liberty”. As for Amy, she mentioned that she was never good with group projects, but she did admire lots of authors, and if given the chance, she would love to write something with Jandy Nelson.
  • With regards to writing unflinching contemporary novels, Amy said that writing this genre required writing honestly, and it writing about loneliness and depression might have been difficult but she wanted to take on the challenge. Andrea, on the other hand, felt like since we live with a consumerist culture, she felt like it was the genre that would click so she moved forward with it.
  • When asked about the biggest challenge they faced while writing their books, Andrea mentioned that drawing the line between her own experiences and inspiration for her characters was rather challenging. As for Amy, dealing with her characters’ insecurity and snarky personality had been some of her problems.
  • When Andrea was asked if she ever had any difficulty to write for shifting audiences (from Adult to Young Adult, to Middle Grade audiences), she told everyone that the narrators are the ones telling the story, telling her what to do, and she didn’t encounter anything conflicting about it.
  • Regarding Writer’s Block, Amy never felt like it was a writer’s block, but rather she just didn’t feel like writing. As for Andrea, she considered it more as procrastinating, rather than having writer’s block. Whenever she felt like it, she wanted to just be alone and wander around her home. But at some point, when she feels like she can’t put it off anymore, she tells herself to finally write.
  • When asked about her favorite scene in Falling Into Place, Amy came clean and confessed to everyone that the last time she read it was in 2003. But she did adore Cady’s scenes, because she relates to her story, and it was funny to write.
  • When Andrea was asked as to how she managed to pull off writing a legitimate teen sounding voice for her characters, she mentioned that her stories were semi-autobiographical, and it felt like a throwback to her teenage years.

After the Q&A, everyone had the chance to have their books signed by both authors. Seeing that I haven’t read nor bought their books yet, of course I had to buy paperbacks.


Amy Zhang was stunning! Her outfit was so modern and on point and I grew shy when I came to her to have a book signed. Also, seeing that I don’t have anything to talk to her about, I just complimented her well-planned outfit + the fact that she looked like Tina Cohen-Chang from Glee! She said she’s never watched Glee before but she’ll look it up! She also mentioned how much she loved mangoes!


I didn’t know what to talk to Andrea Portes about. I haven’t read her books, nor do I have anything relevant to share, so I tried to make small talk. I asked her if she ever considered writing anything else other than contemporaries, and she said that she won’t be closing her doors, for as long as she has the inspiration to write the story. She did, however, tell me how she loved my shirt, for some reason.

Here’s a photo of us PH YA Book Bloggers with Amy Zhang and Andrea Portes. It was a fun experience and I’m looking forward to reading their books soon!


Here’s a photo of the crowd who came to see the International authors at their Manila signing! As always, everyone had a grand time, and I can only imagine how happy everyone were when they got their chance to meet the authors and have their books signed.


Here are some of my friends, casually fangirling over the event!

And, on other news, remember the ARC Twitter contest I mentioned earlier? Yeah, I was lucky enough to snag one of my most anticipated titles which is Replica by Lauren Oliver! I was vying this as well as V.E. Schwab’s This Savage Song, and the bookish Gods bestowed me with this one! Can’t thank Epic Reads and NBS enough for this!


Much thanks again to National Book Store, and HarperCollins International for bringing Amy Zhang and Andrea Portes to the Philippines! I had tons of fun, and I will be giving away the books I had signed this September during my Blogoversary, so stay tuned!

Were YOU at the #AmyandAndreainPH event? How was your experience? Tell me all about it in the comment section below!

Until the next one, book nerds!


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