[Bookish Announcements #8] I’m Joining a Comment Challenge!

The Comment Challenge is hosted by Lonna @ FLYLēF and Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense and it aims to increase comment activity from it’s participants’ blogs and establish and encourage new relationships with other book bloggers, and reviewers. I, being one of those kinds of bloggers who LOVE getting comments and feedback from my readers love the idea of this challenge, not just because of the comment activity it could mean for me and Book Freak Revelations. So, at this point, I already want to thank Lonna and Alicia for letting me be a part of this challenge!

The Value of Comments

I don’t mean to sound like I need comments on my posts for me to survive, but they are quite essential to a blogger’s experience. Other than it’s a way of making sure that you’re not talking to yourself, it’s also a way of communicating with the rest of the world. You share your views and opinions on certain topics, or books in our case, so as to make yourself and your platform known to at least a few people.

Lonna and Alicia’s Comment Challenge, again, aims to enhance comment activity between blogs. This is to make bloggers feel a little more appreciated, especially for those who are less known to the blogosphere, so as to make them feel a little more motivated to keep on blogging. To keep on sharing their views with the world. Personally, I feel honored to be a part of something as fantastic as this. Again, huge thanks to the hosts for this challenge!

To my fellow participants, I might only be partnered to one person, but I’ll be sure to check your accounts as well. I can’t wait to see what you guys can produce!

And to my partnerI hope I can be as supportive as can be with everything you post! Can’t wait to meet you online!

That’s it for this post! I hope everyone greets July with unique and original content that’s meant to show support to the Bookish Community in general.

Are YOU guys fond of leaving comments for other bloggers to see? Tell me all about it in the comment section down below!

Until the next one, book nerds!


8 thoughts on “[Bookish Announcements #8] I’m Joining a Comment Challenge!

  1. Hi JM, It’s a pleasure to have you for Comment Challenge, and it is I who should be thanking you for spreading the love with this energetic and positive vibe post! This challenge aims to enhance comment activity between blogs, but we’ve also realized that when you visit a blogger daily, naturally, you’ll continue to do so beyond the challenge and thus establishing a long term relationship. Cheers to many fruitful and lasting relationships JM! ~Lonna

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    1. Hi, Lonna! One of the main reasons why I wanted to join your challenge, other than to help get my blog out into the open, is that I really want to encourage readers/bloggers anywhere to comment and participate on blog discussions. I don’t want to sound too comment-hungry, but, as stated on my post, it would be great to have the chance to interact with readers. So, thanks for having me and I can’t wait to check out other blogs as well! 🙂


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