[Mini Event Recap #15] The Read Proud Twitter Chat


Last night, I co-hosted the first ever #RPTC, known as the Read Proud Twitter Chat, with my blogging bestie Jasmine of Jasmine Pearl Reads! It was only last week that the Orlando Mass shooting occurred and it is by far the worst mass shooting in America. Being part of the LGBT community, I absolutely felt devastated to know what happened. I could never fully explain just how sad I felt for those who were affected, and we came up with this Twitter chat not only to celebrate Pride Month, but also to uplift everyone’s spirits after the unfortunate incident.


If you missed it, here are some of the things that went down last night. At least, these are what I can recall.I’ll also be compiling the LGBTQIA book recommendations thrown last night.

Q1: Welcome to #RPTC! Introduce yourself, your blog, and your other sites!

Q2: It’s Pride Month! What’s your latest / current LGBT read? #RPTC

Q3: What made you want to #ReadProud? #RPTC

Q4: We all love LGBT characters. Name your favorites! #RPTC

Q5: If an openly gay person asks for an LGBTQIA book rec, what will you suggest and why? #RPTC

Q6: Show your favorite LGBTQIA-writing authors some love! #RPTC

Q7: Recommend a favorite LGBTQIA read of yours to everyone! #RPTC

Q8: What LGBTQIA book are you keen on seeing as a movie adaptation? #RPTC

Q9: Tag your closest LGBT friend and tell them how awesome they are! #RPTC

Q10: If you could push 2 LGBTQIA-writing authors to do a collab, who would they be and why? #RPTC


Q11: Have you met your favorite LGBTQIA authors? If yes, tweet us a photo! If not, tell us who you wanna meet. #RPTC

Q12: What do you want to tell those who were affected by the Orlando Mass Shooting? #RPTC

Q13: What do you want to tell the entire LGBT community? #RPTC

Q14: It’s your turn to ask us your questions. (Plus points for LGBT-related Qs!) #RPTC

Answer: I’m totally shipping Simon Spier from Simon VS. And Aristotle Mendoza from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. They’re exact opposites, and I believe they would bring out the best in each other!

Answer: I’m a Catholic, and based on my own personal opinion, I’m up only for Same Sex Civil Union for the sole reason that the former was never mentioned to be acceptable in the Bible.

Answer: I have never shipped anyone as hard as I shipped Simon and Blue from Simon VS., and Aristotle and Dante from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. 

Answer: I’m totally up for writing an LGBTQIA book that falls under the romantic contemporary genre solely because it’s under my alley. But I would also love to see an LGBT Fantasy novel!

Answer: I, unfortunately, haven’t! But I’m open to recommendations!

Answer: Hmm. I actually want to read LGBT heroes/heroines next! It feels like the LGBT and bookish community is ready for LGBTQIA fantasy novels, and I am so down in reading books under those genres!

And that’s it for this recap! Once again, I’d like to thank everyone for joining us for a night of honoring the LGBT community! It has been a great pleasure hosting the first ever #RPTC, and I’m looking forward to hosting the next one with Jasmine!

How about you? What do YOU love about the LGBT community? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!

Until the next one, book nerds!


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