[Wrap-up #1] May 2016 Wrap-up + June TBR

img_6166Today, I’m trying something new and I’m actually posting my first monthly recap! At first, I didn’t actually felt like I needed to post something like this, but I realized that it’s like an “in case you missed it” post, and since it’s a way to re-promote my content, I said why not?

May was the month that got me back on track on my reading challenge. With my 3-month internship at Fairmont, I had less and less time to both read, and blog. With my academic year slowly coming to a close, I’ve regained my normal reading schedule and I am beyond excited to have been able to read at least 6 books for the month.

Book Reviews Posted

  1. I’ve read Truthwitch, and I fell in love with Susan Dennard’s complex yet unique writing style, and, just so everyone knows, I ship Aeduan with Evrane! I ship them hard!
  2. I’ve also read Karen Hattrup’s debut novel, Frannie and Tru, as part of her PH blog tour, and I envied Frannie and Tru’s summer, which turned out to be a setting about self-growth and discovery!
  3. No Love Allowed was the third book I’ve read last May, and I loved every single page of it’s light and fluffy story! (I can’t believe I’m actually metaphorically comparing it with a chiffon cake!)
  4. Reading Sleeping Giants was completely reminiscent of Illuminae in terms of the writing style, and though it may have lacked in other departments, it was still an interesting read.
  5. The last book I’ve read was More Happy Than Not, and it left me breathless, broken, and wanting for more! It’s brutal honesty made me feel raw emotions toward the characters, it actually gave me hope!

Event Recaps Posted

  1. Post-internship, the No Love Allowed Book Launch was the first event I attended, and it was lovely to have finally met the amazing Kate Evangelista! She was so down-to-earth, and was very friendly in every way!
  2. Meeting Jennifer Niven was all kinds of lovely, and it was a great honor to have finally shared with her my deep sentiments for her book, and her characters Finch, and Violet. (There were lots of tears, and the recap for this one is by far, my most favorite one!)

Book Hauls Posted

  1. After being physically, emotionally, and psychologically stressed over my internship, it felt right to go on a Post-Internship Book Haul and reward myself with, you guessed it, books! (I got the most wonderful titles!)

Book Tags Posted

  1. Before meeting Jennifer Niven, I once again reviewed All The Bright Places as part of the Nostalgic Book Review Tag! Of course, there’s no better way to prepare for Jennifer’s signing event than by reminiscing or re-reading her book. And after reviewing it a year later, I can actually say that I still haven’t moved on from everything.

June TBR

My TBR for the month of June is quite unpretentious and unambitious. After finally graduating last June 7th, I’m now an alumnus of the University of Santo Tomas. And now, I’m actually feeling pressured to get a job! That’s why I’m not planning to read much, but I am planning on reading amazing titles.


Once this is posted, I’ll probably be done with The Crown, and I’ll probably be well on my way to finishing Heir of Fire. I actually started reading it last year, September 2015, but unfortunately found it’s pacing a little too slow for my liking, so I had to put it down. What do you think should I read next? Choose one from my TBR!

And that’s it for this post! For those who have been posting monthly recaps, do you mind telling me if I did a good job with this one? It’s my first time to do one, so I’m not quite sure as to what to add.

Anyway, here’s to a great June, and remember, it’s Pride Month, so let’s #ReadProud! Until the next one, book nerds!


6 thoughts on “[Wrap-up #1] May 2016 Wrap-up + June TBR

  1. Happy graduation! I have yet to read Heir of Fire and although there is no guarantee of getting to it THIS month, I do want to get to it before school starts back up in August. If I play my cards right, I might even be able to catch up on the entire series before the final book comes out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad that you plan on reading it too, Jess! I had to put it down because I didn’t want to not like it. Hopefully I get to it soon! Tell me if you’re planning on reading it as well! We should buddy read! 😀


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