[Event Recap #13] No Love Allowed Book Launch


So, last April 30, National Book Store together with Kate Evangelista, Filipina author of No Love Allowed, and other YA books, hosted a book launching event for Kate’s new YA book, No Love Allowed. This was the first bookish event I’ll be going to post-internship, and I was so, so excited to finally get back to both my social and bookish life, and that excitement made this experience all the more memorable.

I went to National Book Store Glorietta at around 10:00 AM with my friend Cedie, since we’re from the same area, and we arrived at the venue extremely hungry (true story). Of course, we had to wait before we (referring to my troupe) were all complete before we went out for lunch, and of course, we chose to dine in Banapple, because Banapple is life.


And yes, I had to show everyone what we ate because, again, Banapple is LIFE. You feel me? YOU FEEL ME?

Afterwards, we went back to the event just in time to see Kate Evangelista be interviewed by another Filipina Author, Mina V. Esguerra. I’m listing down some of the facts I remembered from said interview down below.

On her writing journey:

  • Her writing journey started when she read Twilight and thought to herself that if Stephenie Meyer could write stories that touched readers anywhere and make a career out of it, then she could do it too.
  • Kate followed the so-called “steps to publishing”, boxing herself into those processes, but of course, there were other paths she could take to get published, self-publishing is an example, and she told herself that if she didn’t get published by the end of the year, she will self-publish her work.
  • A month after giving herself an ultimatum, contracts from publishers started coming. A contract for Savor, Til Death, Reaping Me Softly, and snowballed and today, Swoon Reads picked her as part of their third list.
  • After coming out of the box, that is the steps to publishing, she was then contacted by several agents asking if she wanted to be represented, but is currently still thinking if having representation is a pro, and if she still needs it.

“There’s no reason for you not to be a writer anymore, unless you don’t want to be, because there are so many options.”

On No Love Allowed:

  • Writing No Love Allowed came as a spark of inspiration. She was on a walk when she saw the image of a girl falling off a cliff, but had to put off writing it because she was working on multiple projects at the time. Originally, Caleb was a surfer, and according to Kate, Caleb sees this girl and paddles towards her, and that is where their story started.
  • With No Love Allowed, Kate went against her writing principle of writing a few chapters a day. She basically wrote the book as fast as possible, and ended up in the hospital as she finished writing the book.
  • Kate knew that Swoon Reads will pick No Love Allowed to be published, but had to wait for the publisher’s formal announcement, and to cope up, she baked cupcakes.
  • No Love Allowed falls under the category romance genre, under 3 tropes: Marriage of Convenience, Ugly Duckling Turned Swan, and Across The Tracks trope.
  • Writing contemporary novels is harder for Kate because the writer has to put her characters into real life situations which happens to be a lot harder than it seems. You have to choose the situations that you put the characters through and make sure that it fits their story.
  • She also advised everyone as to how to be happy amidst small achievements wherein if you define success in the little things, you won’t have a hard time battling insecurity and doubts.

Afterwards, as usual, the signing event came shortly right after the Q&A, and I was #6 in line. I’ve been conversing with Kate for quite some time now on Twitter, and it was a great honor to finally meet this lovely young woman. I was completely honest with her as I told her that what drove me to want to read No Love Allowed, was because of the knowledge of the existence of a companion novel to NLA, entitles No Holding Back, which happens to fall under the LGBT trope (or genre?). We’ve had fangirling moments over that book, and again, meeting her was such a great experience.


Afterwards, we posed for photos! Meeting Kate was such a great way to end my 3-month Hotel Internship, and I’m glad I was able to share this experience with my friends, and with National Book Store.



Again, huge thanks to Kate Evangelista, Swoon Reads, and National Book Store for making this event possible!

Were you there to witness the unveiling of Caleb and Didi’s story? How was your experience? Tell me all about it on the comment section below!

Until the next one! (Which happens to be on Jennifer Niven’s signing on the 29th of May!!! Ahhh, I can’t wait!)


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