[Bookish Announcements #6] #GreenIsland Twitter Chat

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I might not be able to post as often as I did before, but one thing’s for sure. I am a lot more active in my other social media accounts. Like Twitter, to be specific. As well as Instagram. If I’m not tweaking or drafting a post for Book Freak Revelations, I am probably checking out my Instagram account, taking photos of my books that I shall be posting for the days to come! Or on Twitter, participating in numerous Twitter chats.

Now, just last February 23rd 2016, Penguin Random House released their first One World, One Book pick, and it’s entitled Green Island. It’s a book about a stunning story of love, betrayal, and family, set against the backdrop of a changing Taiwan over the course of the twentieth century.

Now, in honor of the book’s release, Penguin Random House International is hosting a live Twitter chat with Green Island author, Shawna Yang Ryan!

Green Island Twitter Chat- General [170184]

As stated on the graphic, the chat is scheduled on Sunday, February 28, 2016, 5PM PHT. Follow @PRHGlobal as well as @shawnayangryan, and use the hashtag #GreenIsland to get spotted!

Over the years, I haven’t actually wanted to read anything historical. It’s not really my type of thing. But seeing that this book actually blended it with elements of love, family, and betrayal, I have to give it a chance, right?

I seriously can’t wait to chat with everyone! Shall I see you there? 🙂


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