[Bookish Thoughts #4] 4 More Days Left Before Final Semester

Processed with MOLDIVSo, just this morning, I have officially enrolled myself for my last semester in college. What I’m about to face are Internship courses, mainly Hotel Internship, and In-house Internship. I don’t want to get in too much detail of that, but the point of this post is that I only have 4 more days of freedom, before the semester starts. Technically, my In-house internship started yesterday, but since my body refuses to identify that I’m already working towards that specific goal, I’ll let this be.

Now, the whole point of this is that I just wanted to tell everyone how delighted I am to have met more people, posted a few blog posts, did a few book tags, and had more people follow this blog in a span of a few weeks. Ever since my Christmas vacation began, I’m not gonna lie, my stats went up, more people discovered BFR, and I’ve met tons of new people via the interwebs. Good, and very hospitable people have shown much of their interest for my blog and it’s content, and I am more than grateful to have met such wonderful people.

To those who are trying to meet new people, and get some of them to gain interest in following your accounts, here’s one tip: Don’t be afraid to send them any messages. Go ahead and interact with them! Recently, I’ve encountered a blogger who plainly asked for a “follow back”. I, being the friendly and perky little book blogger that I am, accepted her message and followed her back. Then, she told me to share her blog with others and ask them to follow her as well. Uhm…

It was funny, obv. I don’t want to be rude or anything, but that’s not how we do it in this community, sis. As friendly as I am, I actually want to get to know people before I follow them, because what’s the point in following a certain account just because you were asked to do so, right? I know this “trend” is quite used in other social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter, but I don’t think you can actually apply that here.

Now, the point of this story is I want people to reach out and make friends. The literary and book blogging community is great for doing this specific action because I am yet to meet a person who loves to read, but has no interest in talking to and meeting new people. As for me, y’all know how much I love my book friends as well as my followers!

Over the weeks that passed, I actually drafted tons of blog posts so as to keep this blog active whilst I go through my internship. Even if I’m busy with my academics, I still want to interact with everyone. That’s how much I love this community.

Other than being a reminder, this post also serves as an early notice. Seeing that I can’t assure everyone my full attention, I humbly ask for everyone’s patience when it comes to book review responses, comment replies, and everything that requires my actual attention. But, as I’ve said, I want to keep this account up to date, thus, I assure everyone that I will get to replying to your messages as soon as possible. 🙂

Again, I thank everyone who showed their interest and support for this blog. It might not reach a lot of people for now, but I am sure that with the encouragements that everyone’s giving me and my blog, this is highly subject to positive change. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Until the next one!


7 thoughts on “[Bookish Thoughts #4] 4 More Days Left Before Final Semester

  1. Oh, don’t you worry, JM! We’ll all be still here once you’re “fully” back! ♥ This internship & last semester is obviously very important, so of course you need to and should focus on that – everyone will understand. I do! And I promise you, I’ll still be here and comment on everything I can find. 😛

    Lots of luck & have fun! 🙂 *hugs*

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    1. You are so sweet, Yvonne! I really do hope so. That people will understand. It’s just that keeping track of all the relationships we form through this community is quite hard to do positively especially at times like this, when you’re busy and stuff. But, I know you’ll always be here. Thank you for being a super sweet friend! 🙂


  2. I absolutely love the book blogging community! I just feel like you’re not going to find the same kind of people anywhere close as easily in real life. And sometimes you find a real gem of a friend in a blogger that you can talk to for hours about books! It’s wonderful. Happy blogging!

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