[Top Ten Tuesdays #5] Top Ten Tear-jerking Books


I missed doing these Top Ten Tuesdays posts. I’ve been out for so long I almost forgot how to get this started. Haha, so this week, I want to share to everyone the books that made me ball my eyes out. Some of these books, I read while I was in public, and no, that did not stop my feels.


#10: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover – I loved this book, even though it feels a little too similar with Fifty Shades of Grey. Come on, let’s be honest. The concept of the book seems like it was taken directly from the latter. But, hey, moving on, the back story behind Miles Archer, our leading man, was a little heart wrenching. There was this part where you would totally lose it because… I’ve said enough. Read it!

#9: The Book of Broker Hearts by Sarah Ockler (not in the photo) – I was at home when I read this underrated book. It involved me constantly blowing my nose on tissues because there were family members in the story that were sick and I’m a big, fat sucker for that kind of story lines. It’s a great book! You all should give it a try!  –

#8: Champion by Marie Lu – Out of all the Dystopian books I’ve read, this book probably has the best ending out of all of them. There was proper closure, good character developments, and a very, very heartbreaking ending. YOU HAVE TO READ THE LEGEND SERIES! I am telling you, it is so good!

#7: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell – This book basically introduced me to Rainbow Rowell. As I read this, at first, I thought it was going to be a sweet and mellow reading experience. Then, as the story progressed, I began to realize that both Eleanor and Park were two highly opposite characters, and that ending! It will both leave you in tears and wanting more!

#6: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – With this one, I don’t even know where and how to begin. This book focused on the life of Will Traynor, a man who was once a great adventurer, and businessman, but is now wheelchair-bound, and Louisa Clark, a woman who just wants to live. Lou ends up being Will’s caregiver and they, inevitably, fall in love in the process. It’s a little reminiscent of The Fault In Our Stars, and you have to read on so you’ll see for yourself. Also, there’s this letter that can be found on the ending… IT WILL TEAR YOU IN TWO!


#5: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green – I don’t know how much detail I can give everyone, but all I know is this was the first YA book that torn me apart. I can remember it clearly, I was reading the eulogy part and I used up two full packs of Kleenex. Yeah, I’m not even kidding. And, when I watched the film adaptation, I was literally sobbing loudly in the theaters and a lot of people were laughing at me. But what can I do about it, right?

#4: His Wounded Light by Christine Brae – This is the second book in The Light In The Wound duology, which happens to be by my good author friend, Christine Brae. This book will not only make you reevaluate your life, but it will also make you question your whole existence. The protagonist goes through such drastic changes and you will not believe me if I tell you how heartbreaking this whole book is. Just read it! (Read the first book first, ok?)

#3: The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks – In this masterpiece, the reader follows two love stories: One from the present day which the main story is all about, and the love story of an old man, Ira Levinson, which turns out to be extremely relevant to the story. What made me so attached to this book, though, are Ira’s letters to his partner, Ruth. I just love the idea of old people still in love after years, and… I don’t even know how to explain how good the film adaptation was. Heartbreaking and extremely moving.

#2: Slammed by Colleen Hoover – This is another book by the amazing Colleen, and her talent in writing books is just impressive. In this one, she incorporates the love of a family which made the book all the more emotional and deeply moving. Also, there’s this letter sent to the main character… I’m sure it’ll leave you broken once you’ve read it. Trust me on this one.

#1: All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – Of course, this is on the top of my list. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when I read the heart-wrenching part of this book. I was sipping a cup of my favorite coffee, and I had a half-empty pack of  kleenex by my side, not know I’ll be needing more than that. I ran out, obviously, and I started ugly crying. I was a big fat mess as the story ended. Yeah, no kidding. I hate how attached I am with this book. It’s not normal.

What’s that book that just leaves you in tears? Please recommend some good tear-jerkers for me. I need them! Leave some recommendations through the comment box down below!


4 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesdays #5] Top Ten Tear-jerking Books

  1. Yes to TFIOS, Eleanor and Park, All the Bright Places and Ugly Love! Pero naalala ko talaga yung iyak ko sa ATBP. Tapos ko na yung book pero umiiyak pa rin ako. Hahaha You should try reading Patrick Ness’ A Monster’s Call and Jandy Nelson’s I’ll Give You the Sun ❤


    1. Those books will never be forgotten! They made me cry like a child suffering from depression! Also, I’ll Give You The Sun has been on my to-buy list for quite some time now! Will buy it soon!

      Aly, thank you for dropping by! And welcome to WordPress, my dear friend! 🙂


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