[Event Recap #8] #CTCinPH


Last September 13, I got the amazing chance to attend a private Q&A with authors Christine Brae (Filipina author of The Light In The Wound, His Wounded Light, etc.), Tarryn Fisher (New York Times bestselling author author of The Opportunist, Dirty Red, Thief, Never Never, etc.), and Colleen Hoover (New York Times bestselling author of Confess, Ugly Love, Maybe Someday, Slammed, Never Never, etc.). After months of intense anticipation, the day of finally meeting these lovely women have arrived! If you’ve been following me and my blog for some time now, you would be aware of my reader-author friendship with Christine Brae. She’s actually the one who got me an invite to the private Q&A. This post wouldn’t have been as awesome without her. Christine, I love you!

Before I ramble on and on about what went down in the private Q&A, I’m offering you a short version of this recap:

I fangirled so hard all through out the day!

I’m not even kidding. I did. Not only did I get the chance to meet the lovely authors, but I also met some wonderful Philippine YA Bloggers. Getting to know those with whom I share a passion for is indeed a very satisfying feeling. Some of the bloggers I saw, I already met during the #BookwormsUnite event last July, and some I just met that day. Wow. I can’t even describe how it feels right now. Well then, I should probably get this started.

Everyone was all cheers and smiles as the three ladies arrived. Not a single mouth was left unopened. Either the people were screaming with joy and excitement, or they were basically mesmerized by the three. God knows I was both. Afterwards, the Q&A immediately started and it was hosted by Sir Chad Dee of National Book Store. Listed below are the notes I took as it happened.

Photo grabbed from Chyna Go of Lite-rate-ture.

Luckily, I got the opportunity to ask my good author friend, Christine Brae, while I was at the private Q&A! My question was:

For Christine: What made you want to write about an elite for a protagonist? I am aware that Isabel, from your books The Light in The Wound and His Wounded Light, is a high profile character. What made you want to tell your readers about her? Is it something you have first-hand experience in? (You may read her answer below.)

Photo grabbed from Kate Manalo of The Bookaholic Blurbs.

Christine Brae

  • Christine wrote about an elite protagonist because it’s something she has first-hand experience in. In addition, being a US-based Filipina author, she wanted to give the US a glimpse of what life was like here in the Philippines.
  • As of now, if given the opportunity to co-write with an author, Christine will say no because of her busy schedule. Being a full-time mom and business woman isn’t easy and she just writes while riding public transportation, while staying at a hotel, and such. She actually wrote The Light in The Wound while travelling.
  • According to Christine, writing and trying to get published is a very lonely process. You need your own publishers, editors, and you basically have to do everything by yourself. On the plus side, however, you get to publish any time you want. You can avoid deadlines. And in a nutshell, self-publishing is all about you.
  • As for her writing process, Christine uses her feelings and emotions as basis in writing stories. She needs to feel something and write a story out of it. It’s a simple process for. Write, then publish!
  • Christine’s character names all have their meaning. Like Alex’ last name, Ailey, means “light”, which signified that she was the light in Isabel’s life. (I fangirled so hard when she said this!) She also sneaks in names from her street team every once in a while.

Tarryn Fisher

  • For Tarryn, co-writing Never Never with Colleen was a very easy experience. They get along perfectly fine, even if Colleen pretends that they don’t. They actually wrote it for fun and decided to share it with their readers. They completely avoided dreadful deadlines while writing Never Never, and it’s part of what made their writing experience enjoyable.
  • The self-publishing process is so badass for Tarryn. The hardest part for her is people not taking her seriously and they make you feel like you’re not good enough and it’s a satisfying sensation when you prove them wrong.
  • For Tarryn, she just waits for the emotion to come to her and once it does, she runs with it to write. She actually has a different writing schedule with Colleen and Christine. Also, she puts herself in the mindset of her characters which makes her stories more authentic.
  • Tarryn’s writing style is a combination of believable characters, good story, and beautiful words. Style is important too. She writes about bad people because that what she is. (Or what she at least thinks she is.) It’s a new perspective on something that has beend done millions of times before.
  • The names of Tarryn’s characters just fall in her head and it has always been this way ever since she started writing. She never thinks too hard about it.

Colleen Hoover

  • For Colleen, the publishing process is a life changer for a lot of people. The best part for her is not having a boss, and it feels less like work. And in addition, trying to get publishers to notice you is probably the hardest part for her.
  • Regarding the plot twists in Colleen’s books, she usually doesn’t have an idea as to how she will incorporate the twists into them. She first lets her characters speak to her before developing the plot line, which may sometimes get difficult because her books usually falls on the same genre.
  • Colleen didn’t know what genre her first book was when she first published it, and it really doesn’t matter to her. And to add humor, she told everyone that she thought that the “NA” acronym meant “Not Applicable”, when it actually stands for “New Adult”.
  • Colleen spends days locked up while writing. She doesn’t want to end her books in a sad or depressing note because it will, in turn, make her feel that way. That’s why she incorporates humor into her books: to take a break and end it happily.
  • Regarding the characters for her books, Colleen said that she can’t write a book without having an idea as to who the characters are. She currently has a writer’s block because she can’t think of an idea for her next set of characters. She feels that the characters are most important in a book. Her vision in naming guy characters is to give them a name that no one else has to make him recognizable and unique.
  • With regards to the importance of music in her books, Colleen actually spends hours driving to nowhere while listening to certain songs. Afterwards, she spends hours writing. She’s actually in to 21 Pilots right now.

The Signing Proper

The signing came up right after the Q&A and at this point, my hands were sweating like a sinner in church! I was very excited about meeting these ladies and I didn’t want to seem weird around them so I composed myself very quickly and just kept my cool.

Before standing up to finally have my books signed, Christine approached me and gave me a very tight hug! I’ve been waiting to meet her for 9 months and I think it’s safe to say that we’re both so happy to have met each other finally! She was the first one to sign my books. Since she’s already a great friend of mine, we talked about a lot of things as she signed my books! I asked how her homecoming was going, and she was as sweet as I expected.


Signed and dedicated copies of The Light in The Wound (with a very sweet message), His Wounded Light, and Insipid.

I approached Tarryn next. After I introduced myself, I was completely honest and straightforward with her. I confessed that I, unfortunately, haven’t got the chance to read her books yet, but told her that I’m trying to grab a hold of her other books, mainly Mud Vein, and Marrow. She was stunning, just like Colleen and Christine. Also, her dress? Simply breathtaking!


Signed and dedicated copies of The Opportunist and Never Never parts 1 and 2 (also signed by Colleen Hoover)

I went for Colleen last. I had lots of her books and I am more than lucky to have all of them signed by her. I was able to talk about her books with her, and she was happy to know how much I loved Confess and Slammed. She also told me that Point of Retreat is her favorite, and she’s not a big fan of This Girl. She also told me that she was so flattered to have been told so much compliments. I love her accent and she was very, very sweet! Also, I asked her to write her favorite quote from Confess and she chose my most favorite quote!!!


Signed and dedicated copies of Confess, Maybe Someday, Hopeless, Losing Hope, Slammed, Point of Retreat, This Girl, and Ugly Love.

After having my books signed, I got the chance to say hi to some of my blogger friends and talk about some books with them. I also met a lot of long-time bloggers and I am so honored to have met them yesterday. They were very friendly to a new face and I hope I could meet them again next time.

We took photos with the authors afterwards. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to have photos taken with these stunning ladies so, of course, we wouldn’t let that chance pass us by.

Philippine YA Bloggers with Tarryn Fisher, Colleen Hoover, and Christine Brae. Photo grabbed from Kai Agito of Amaterasu Reads.

Here’s a thank you message from the 3 lovely ladies for their Filipino readers!

Video grabbed from Kate Manalo of The Bookaholic Blurbs

Once the private Q&A was finished, I went to SM Megamall for the public signing event. I have to say, I really am more than lucky to have been invited to the forum, because there are hundreds of people waiting at SM to have their books signed! My friends were there waiting for their turn to meet the lovely ladies and have their books signed as well.

Photo grabbed from Queenie Josol from Facebook

At this point, I would like to send my sincerest thanks to Sir JB, Sir Chad, and National Bookstore for inviting me to the forum and for accommodating me with open arms. It was my first time to attend this forum and I’m hoping I could attend another one soon. You guys are heaven sent! Thank you!

And to the bloggers who I’ve met, thank you for making my first forum memorable. I am so happy to have met you guys and am looking forward to reading more books with you!

And to Christine, who I’m sure I will see again, I love you! I owe you another hug! I really am so happy to have read your book way back, and your friendship means the world to me! I love you!

I know a lot of people went to SM Megamall to have their books signed. Were you there? Tell me all about your experience! Also, tell me who’s your favorite among the three and what’s your favorite book by her!

Before I end this post, you might want to check out these recaps by some of my blogger friends! You know you want to!

Until the next one, folks!


19 thoughts on “[Event Recap #8] #CTCinPH

  1. I’m so happy for you, JM! And haha, I finally figured out what CTCinPH stands for. It makes so much sense!

    I’m insanely jealous of you but happy that you got to finally meet Christine, as well as Tarryn and Colleen. I haven’t read Confess yet, but that quote is beautiful!! It sounds like it was a very special day! ❤


    1. It really really was a special day, Jenna! I wish you were there so I had someone I could fangirl with!
      Colleen was so so sweet! And her accent was to die for! I hope and wish you could meet her too someday. Confess, though, is my most favorite book by Colleen! It’s a book filled with shocking plot twists and it’ll leave you in tears.

      Thanks for stopping by, my sweet! ♥


      1. I think that might be the next Colleen Hoover book I read! I’ve only read Ugly Love but I’ve been wanting to read more books by her, especially since they’re such quick reads. I’ll have to pick up Never, Never and Part 2 as well!

        I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE! It sounds like so much fun. I also don’t know that many Aussie bloggers in Sydney so I never really talk to anyone at events (I’ve only been to two events so that might be why haha).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah! I have a book review of Confess somewhere here in my blog and I’ll link it to you on Twitter! Please read it, it’s very good!
        I haven’t read Never Never, though, because I know that both parts 1 and 2 have massive cliff-hangers. I can’t afford that. Haha!
        You should fly to the Philippines, Jenna! Our local bookstore hosts the most amazing book signing events!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’ll find an excuse to come! My friend is visiting her relatives in the Philippines at the end of the year, and now I’m so jealous of her!! I want to visit all of your amazing bookstores!

        The cover of Confess is really beautiful. I need to get my hands on it ASAP!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ah! Meeting you would be awesome, Jenna! We must meet, should you find yourself here in the Philippines. And please tell me when you’re reading Confess already. I would be more than happy to hold you while your feels break out of your system!


      1. Of course I’ll recognize you! ❤️ You really look like a happy person. 🙂 I’m still torn if I’ll go to Kiera Cass because of exam 😭 Yes, I did link back. Thank you! 🙂


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