[Top Ten Tuesdays #3] My Top Ten Auto-buy Authors

TTTThere are authors whose books you feel are supposed to be part of your shelves. Whatever genre it is, whatever lengths, or whatever age category it’s for, you just feel like each one of their books are made to be in your shelves. You don’t even have to read these books. You just need to buy them and have them be pleasantly displayed on your shelves. They are called auto-buy authors.

Every bibliophile has their auto-buy author. To some, they’re household authors like J.K. Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Rick Riordan, etc. some may have twenty, and others have just one. And now, I am listing down my top ten auto-buy authors for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday.

#10: Pierce Brown – He’s a great dude! He’s great with fans, his writing style is creative mixed with a little nerdy feels, and his books are outstanding. He’s basically a hot and buff nerd. ‘Nuff said. (Please don’t judge me.) The Red Rising series is starting to get a little more acknowledgement now, and the final book in the series, Morning Star, is set to be released this January of 2016!

#9: Marie Lu – She’s the first author I met personally! Last November 23, of 2014, was a day of many firsts! But Lu’s one of my auto-buy authors because she writes with impressive skill and she really knows what she’s doing. The way she tells stories is breathtaking and her Legend Trilogy turned out to be one of my favorites for 2014. Also, her next book, The Rose Society, is set to be released this October! I can’t wait!

#8: Jojo Moyes – At first, I knew next to nothing about Jojo Moyes. All I knew is that she wrote the heart shattering Me Before You which is soon to be a major motion picture. When I found out how she writes with heartbreaking creativity, of course I had to buy all her books! And the uniform look and format of her books are a plus! Although I am aware that she has books not in this specific design. I’ll worry about that later.


#7: Christine Brae – I’ll be honest. I’ve never heard of Christine Brae until I received word that a book tour for her novel, The Light in The Wound, was being scheduled late 2014. I’ve never joined a tour before and instantly signed up, and I was more than delighted with the book, and of course, I had to let her know what opinions I have of her book. When I contacted her, she replied without any hesitation and all I know is she is one of the most humble authors I have ever conversed with. She’s a genuinely great person. Believe me! I know! We’ve exchanged quite a few messages and became good virtual friends! She’s a Filipina too, and she’ll be coming to Manila this September for a signing event with Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher! Cool, right?

#6: Rick Riordan – He’s the man who got me in to reading! His book, The Lightning Thief, is THE first book I’ve ever read for leisure, and I am thanking each of the 12 Olympian Gods for alluring me to do so, because if not for Uncle Rick and his books, I won’t be a full-time book blogger and bibliophile right now.

#5: Rainbow Rowell – It was after I read Eleanor & Park that I labeled Rainbow Rowell an auto-buy author of mine. I was deeply touched and moved by E&P that I wanted more from her! And so, after a few weeks, I hauled Fangirl, Landline, and Attachments. She’s such a great author and her writing style is impeccable.

#4: Lang Leav – I am a sucker for all things Lang Leav. Ever since her debut poetry book, Love & Misadventures, came out, I knew I had to buy her future books. She has an immense talent of putting her thoughts in writing, while touching the hearts of millions of her readers. And yep, I had to buy Lullabies and Memories. Of course!

#3: Kiera Cass – I never thought that Kiera Cass would be one of my auto-buy authors. When I first saw her books, The Selection and The Elite, my initial thoughts were that they were just cover-buys. Books that looked wonderful but may or may not contain good content. Little did I know that the same series would turn out to be one of my favorites. Her writing is simple and takes no effort to get adjusted to. God, I love her!

#2: Colleen Hoover – I wasn’t at all interested to read books by a New Adult author before I met Colleen Hoover. I was fixated on the fact that I adore Young Adult novels and that I wanted to read just within that age category, but after I read Maybe Someday, I just knew that it is a must for me to buy and read whatever book she writes. I mean, I haven’t read a book from an author as heart wrenchingly magnificent as hers are.

#1: Sarah J. Maas – I only discovered Sarah Maas when I got intrigued to read Throne of Glass last July, and she rapidly became one of my most favorite authors of all time! I had to buy all her books, even ACOTAR, before I started reading Throne of Glass, and I was afraid to do so because I didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t like the series, and THANK GOD I WAS WRONG! Her writing is absolutely creative and I will probably read whatever she writes. Even her grocery list.

There you have it, folks! Behold, the ten authors that got me “Where’s my money, I need their books!!” every time I visit a book store.

Who are YOUR auto-buy authors? I genuinely want to know? Do we have the same ones? Leave your feedback in the comments down below!

Thank you for dropping by, lovelies! I had fun drafting this post! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did working on it. 🙂


5 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesdays #3] My Top Ten Auto-buy Authors

  1. Very enjoyable and very agreeable – save for the authors I haven’t read about yet, which are now open tabs to stalk so I can add their works to my TBR – for which I’d like to thank you.

    Will probably make a blog post with a list like this soon, but for now , I’d like to share that my auto-buy authors involve Robyn Schneider, Melina Marchetta, and Ransom Riggs. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ransom Riggs is 12th on my list, actually! Sad that there’s only room for ten for this post. I love his creative way of writing, also, the photos in his books, being incorporated into the story? That’s genius! I love that. Thank you for stopping by and considering to look up some of my auto-buy authors! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as I did gathering it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did, actually. It’s a lovely way of storytell – what Ransom does, and I thought it was brilliant and creepy at the same time. It’s an invigorating experience.


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