[Bookish Thoughts #1] Spoilers

BOOKISH THOUGHTSSpoilers come in different forms and intensities. Some readers get spoiled by reading statuses, tweets, blog posts, etc. Others experience spoilers through overhearing. And some others experience getting spoiled because there are a lot of inconsiderate creatures who force their spoilers on innocent people who, let’s say, haven’t read a specific book, or watched a specific movie/TV episode yet. Yep! The web is indeed dark and full of spoilers!

Faye, of The Social Potato, tweeted yesterday, ranting about a spoiler that she encountered in her e-mail. Being a friend, I knew I had to react and send her my regards.

This instance made my temper grow with a raging fire. Also, it gave me an idea as to what to post about next.

Spoilers are basically anything that ruins a reading (or watching) experience for a person. A person may be spoiled of a book/movie’s ending, plot twists, character deaths, etc. Believe me, there are millions of things you may be spoiled on. *Caution! Spoilers on Game of Thrones ahead!* Log on to Tumblr, search for Queen of Shadows, and watch as tons of spoilery posts await you. On a “Game of Thrones Season”, try logging on to Facebook and watch as your newsfeeds get flooded with numerous statuses stating the deaths of Jon Snow among many others. Whatever social media site you visit, there are spoilers bound to pop up.

And now, here’s what I have to say about it:

It all depends on the preference of a person if he/she wants to be spoiled or not. There are people who prefer getting spoiled so that they’re ready for what’s about to happen. So that when a certain “scene” plays, they know what to feel and how to react. But there are others who simply HATE getting spoiled. There are others who cry whenever they encounter spoilers, myself included. And no, I am not ashamed of that fact.

To those who like spoilers and is attracted to the sensation of getting spoiled, we, as people who dislike them, respect that. And we are happy that you find joy in that certain situation. But please know that we do not enjoy them the same way you do. We hate them and we are trying to alleviate these hellish statements from our reading experience. Please try to respect that.

All we ask is the same respect that we give to other people. I, personally, would never ruin a reading experience for another bibliophile for the sole reason that I don’t want it to ever happen to me. So, in return, I am expecting the same amount of respect from others. This is a no brainer and I hope everyone, especially my friends, could understand it.

I once had a friend who revelled in spreading spoilers. (Yeah, notice the “had” I have there?) He used to send messages to a group chat containing quotes from books I haven’t read yet but plan on reading, and I recently reached a breaking point, causing me to vent out my anger on him, and thus, ending our friendship. I don’t need that kind of friend. I’d rather have no friend at all.

Also, here are some tips on how to effectively avoid spoilers:

  1. When reading a newly-released book, stay off social media sites, especially if the book’s hype is extremely evident. Not only will this lessen the chances of you getting spoiled, but this will also help you avoid distractions.
  2. Stay away from people who are fond of spoilers. They will ruin your reading experience when they get the chance. They’re just waiting for the right opportunity and will strike with precision.
  3. Resist the urge to read book reviews of the book you’re reading. I know, it’s hard to resist this but, hey! Once you’re spoiled by a review, you can’t blame others for when you’re spoiled.
  4. Whenever faced with a “feels-filled” scene, keep calm and try your very best not to post a status or tweet that might ruin the reading experience for others. Remember. You don’t want to spoil anyone

What is YOUR take on spoilers? Do you like them or wish them gone as well? Tell me all about it on the comments below! But please, no spoilers, okay?


2 thoughts on “[Bookish Thoughts #1] Spoilers

  1. Tumblr is the worst with spoilers. There have been so many cases that I was just searching for something random and then out of left field comes this spoiler and it’s like “dude, wtf? I wasn’t even looking for this shit”. Anyways, it’s probably some karmic act from the universe for when I spoiled some parts of Harry Potter back when MSN Messneger was still a thing and you could have those status updates. Yeah, I’m a jerk LOL.

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly why I started to hate Tumblr! I mean, come on!! I’m not even looking for spoilers! I actually want to stay away from those. But hey! I was once a spoiler too! I can distinctly recall how I made fun of my friends who didn’t read The Fault In Our Stars and I had them spoiled of Augustus’ death. I did change my ways though. Haha!

      Thanks for dropping by, Joey! 🙂


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