[Event Recap] #BookwormsUnite Meet-up at Book and Borders Café

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Yesterday, I got the chance to meet and greet a bunch of cool people with whom I share the same passion with: a burning love for books, blogging, and reading. Some of these people, I’ve already talked with online, and some, I met just yesterday. And it was such an honor to be able to meet some of my favorite bloggers, talk about books, and take pictures with them. They were awesome in every possible way.

I arrived at Books and Borders Café with my good friend, Godwin. We were welcomed by Inah and Jem from The Bibliophile Confessions and I met Hazel of Stay Bookish and Shelumiel of Bookish and Awesome afterwards. We weren’t even starting with the program yet, but we really felt welcome already. A few more bookworms and book bloggers arrived shortly after we did.

Once there were enough people, we started playing games: Playing Eros and Word Soup. Each game were simple. In Playing Eros, pieces of paper were scattered, and on each paper is a name of a character from a classic or young adult novel. In order to win, a book nerd is tasked to pair up to three characters from a specific novel. And in Word Soup, a book nerd simply had to find 5 bookish terms from a large piece printing of jumbled letters in under 2 minutes. The prize was a chance to pick from a pile of books from Harper Collins, Simon Teen, and National Bookstore. Unfortunately, I wasn’t eligible to accomplish the task.

When a lot more arrived, and we were finally able to form triads, we proceeded with another game. I teamed up with Godwin, and Raffy of Eccentric Everything and we called ourselves Team Pata Tim. (Pun intended) I don’t know if there’s a legit title to it, but the game was simple too. The triads were tasked to guess a cover of an incoming novel just by glancing at a zoom-in image of the cover. The first triad to guess three titles will earn a chance to pick from the book pile. And we placed second!


Here’s a sample of my friend, Salve’s Human Bingo Card.

Another game that we played was The Human Bingo and it was played individually. Each book nerd was given a bingo card, and were tasked to have other book nerds sign said cards with which they can be categorized into. I signed categories such as “Have multiple blogs”, “Cried publicly while reading a book”, “Has a bookshelfie”, and more! The first bibliophile to have all categories signed will, again, be able to choose from the book pile! I didn’t win, unfortunately. On the top is a photo of my booktuber friend from Cuckoo, Salve’s Human Bingo Card. It sucks that I lost mine. God, I’m such a klutz.


Here’s a photo of the book pile from which a winner will claim a prize.

After all games have been played, the program proceeded with the claiming of prizes. I had my eyes set on one book, and one book only: An ARC of Aaron Hartzler’s What We Saw. This book was set to be released this September, and it’s #3 in my most anticipated release for the remainder of 2015. As the first winners went in front to claim their prizes, I was deep in prayer that the book I was hoping to get stayed in the pile long enough for me to get it. And it did!


Can’t you just see and feel my happiness radiating off your screens? Good God!! (Photo grabbed from The Social Potato Reviews) Thank you, Faye! ♥

Afterwards, we participated in the book raffle. The prize was another chance to get another book from the book pile, and I got a hardcover copy of Fuse by Julianna Baggott. I have no idea about it, but all I know is that it’s a sequel! I’ll probably buy the first book in the series if I deem it worthy.


I am telling you guys! It feels so good to win new books to read! Right? (Photo grabbed from The Social Potato Reviews) Thank you, Faye! ♥

Afterwards, we participated in the Blind Book Date as well! I brought 3 books with me as I came to this event, and in return, I got 3 books out of it!
IMG_4922These books have one common denominator: They all sparked up my interest the first instance I set my eyes on them, and they will be added to my TBR pile, which, I have to admit is never ending. Haha! On other news, I hope my 3 contemporary books got their new owners interested as well.

The event ended with that, and I spent the next few moments cherishing the event and taking photos with the amazing organizers who made this event possible! I mean, there’s no way I would be going home without a picture of them with me.

IMG_4905(L to R) That’s Miel, Hazel, Me, Inah, and Dianne. On top is their attempts at doing the infamous JM pose which I kept on doing to confuse other people.


(T to B, L to R) Me with Jayvee, Salve, Dianne, Miel, and Hazel. Instax Photos!

These bloggers inspire me to continue putting up with Book Freak Revelations, and I’m so happy that I got to spend an afternoon with them! You should all check out their accounts! They are all great both inside and out.

And to those bloggers and bibliophiles I’ve met yesterday, it was absolutely fun spending time, talking, and fangirling with you guys! I look forward to meeting, chatting, and spending more time with you again in the near future!

And lastly, thank you to Harper Collins, Simon Teen, and National Bookstore for supplying the organizers with books for prizes! It made #BookwormsUnite a whole lot more enjoyable!

And I would also like to give some blogs a shoutout. Other than the ones I’ve linked above, I want to add these to the mix:

My friend Jayvee‘s Blog: Writer for MisfitHer blog is a mix of everything there is that are related to literature, and everything under the sun! And, the owner herself, is such a sweet pea!

And I’m also giving a shoutout to my first ever Filipina Booktubing friend, Salve of Cuckoo For BooksShe has amazing videos and she basically do what I do too. She reviews too, but instead of putting it in writing, she films them. She’s sweet, and absolutely fun to be around! I met her online weeks ago, but I just met her in person yesterday! She’s ultra nice!

There you have it! I love you all!


New Books to read from #BookwormsUnite! Hurray!


18 thoughts on “[Event Recap] #BookwormsUnite Meet-up at Book and Borders Café

  1. Lovely recap, JM! Looks like the event was a huge success and it gives me hope that more and more of these gatherings will happen again in the future (one where I’m in it hahaha). And WHAT WE SAW! I can’t wait to read that one as well. P.S. Love the pose! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Miguel! This post is an evidence that I don’t really do anything with my life except reading and blogging! Haha! I am praying to all the Gods of Olympus for another meet-up! And yes, I hope you could come next time so I can have a chat with you and at least take some photos. And as for the pose, thank you! I try very hard. (Obviously) Haha! 🙂


    1. I don’t have anything more interesting to do with my life, hence, the fast recap posting! Haha! And I’m overjoyed by your patronizing of my JM pose. I hope you’ll remember me every time you see someone do it! Haha! And bigger thanks to you for hosting such a fantabulous meet-up! More power to you and the other organizers! ♥


  2. So it’s you pala who got What We Saw! My eyes were on that since I saw it on the pile but unfortunately I wasn’t there LOL but I’m happy for you! A bit envious here but I’m looking forward to a next time. The games looked really fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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