[Book Review #24] The Revenge of Seven by Pittacus Lore


The Garde have suffered an unbearable loss. Number Five has betrayed them. Eight is gone forever. Ella has been kidnapped. The others are now scattered.

In Chicago, John makes the unlikeliest of allies: Adam, a Mogadorian who turned his back on his people. He has invaluable information about Mog technology, battle strategies, and weaknesses. Most important, he knows where to hit them: their command base near Washington, DC. During the assault, however, John and Adam learn the unimaginable truth: it is too late. The Mogadorians have commenced their ultimate invasion plans.

With a front-row seat to the impending invasion, Ella finds herself in the hands of the enemy. For some reason she’s more valuable to them alive, and they’ll stop at nothing to turn her.

Meanwhile, Six, Nine, and Marina make their way through the Florida Everglades, hot on the trail of the traitorous Five. With the development of a new Legacy, Marina finally has the power to fight back—if her thirst for revenge doesn’t consume her first.

Book Specifications:

Author: Pittacus Lore a.k.a. James Frey

Format: Hardbound

Part of a Series: Yes. Lorien Legacies #5

Release Date: August 26, 2014

Publisher: HarperCollins

No. of Pages: 416 pages

Price: 649.00Php

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Adventure, Paranormal, Contemporary

Book Review:

The Cover: The only connection I can think of about the cover and the story is the jungle (or forest), that our remaining faithful Garde found themselves in after their heartbreaking confrontation with Number Five. Although, this cover is quite eye-catching, as I said from my book review of the previous book, I still think these kinds of covers are innovative, but they have got to stop. (3 out of 5 stars)

The Story: First of all, let me just get this off of my chest. How come this book was entitled “The Revenge of Seven” when there was no POV from Marina the whole time? I don’t know how others interpreted these titles but this one was really confusing. It infuriated me knowing that it was supposed to be Marina who shall have great anger towards the story, and yet, her POV was nowhere to be found. How come was that? But then again, I might have interpreted the title wrongly. Anyways, below are some details that I loved about this book.

  • As the previous installment, The Fall of Five, came to an end, we were all extremely agitated with Ella’s capture. (I hope I’m speaking in behalf of everyone about this.) I mean, she’s the youngest, and probably the most important of all of them. And I was right with this theory. She happens to be the grand daughter of our widely hated antagonist, Setrakus Ra, thus, making her capture a priority for the Mogadorians. The story actually started with a scene from Ella’s POV, giving the readers a fast update as to where she is, and how’s she coping up in the hands of the Mogs.
  • Marina’s anguish was something that I was looking forward to witnessing and reading after I finished The Fall of Five. She loved Number Eight with all her heart in a short amount of time, only to have her heart shattered by Number Five. And, just like me, Marina turned into a, somehow, vengeful person, trying to bring back what was lost, and trying to claim something in return. However, as I have stated above, I was a little disappointed that her POV was nowhere to be found on this book.
  • Adam’s presence (and his, or should I say Number One’s legacies) seemed a little odd to me at first. I mean, I get his whole character background, and his past with his father, but I didn’t read 4 books hating Mogadorians only to have to trust one now, right? But then again, who am I to judge, right? If people can change, why can’t aliens? I’m giving him a chance.
  • Sam’s reunion with his father, and the gang was truly a heartwarming scene!!! I have waited and worried long enough for Sam, and I am totally overjoyed that he’s finally reunited with not only the Garde, but also his Dad. His cliff-hanger of an ending from the previous books was so frustrating that I had to slam the book a number of times. But now, Thank the Gods, he’s finally back, alive, and ready to fight more than ever!

All in all, I loved this 5th installment! Up until now, though, I’m still pissed off about Marina not having a point of view from the book, but I loved it nonetheless. (5 out of 5 stars)

The Ending: *This part is filled with spoilers. I suggest you skip this part if you don’t want to cry later on.* The ending caught me quite off guard. I wasn’t expecting it a single bit. I was ready for the Garde to get defeated, even though I know that wasn’t possible. I was ready for the negative impacts brought about by the failed invasion planned by the remaining members of the Garde. But somehow, Sir James Frey was able to write a major plot twist. And if I am interpreting it correctly, on the next book, The Fate of Ten, scheduled to be released this fall, humans will be getting their own legacies. Considering Sam Goode’s mysterious presentation of his newly discovered powers or “legacies”. (5 out of 5 stars)

The Verdict:  Just like the previous installment, I find this book mysteriously good and it tickled my curiosity and longing for the next book. I have high hopes for it, considering all the commendable character developments up until this book. It was worth reading. (4.33 out of 5 stars)

Quotable Quotes:

“I am Number Seven. I will make them pay.” – Marina

“It’s okay, John. I want to be with you. I want to see that you’re okay. I want to see you win. But not every soldier can be on the front lines, you know? Some do more good when they’re away from the action.” – Sarah Hart

“People tend to change when they find out aliens are real.” – Sam Goode

“I’m looking at it now, John, it’s – you’re amazing. But I’m a sucker for handsome aliens performing miracles.” – Sarah Hart


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