Graham & Ellie: A Match Made Through Emails


He was a popular movie star. She was a humble small-town girl. Both were living mainstream lives. Both contented with what they had. That is before they started to talk through emails.

It all started on a night like no other, when Graham Larkin, huge movie star, missent an email to a simple and innocent Ellie O’Neill about a favor to walk his pet pig, Wilbur.

This Is What Happy Looks Like started with the brief get-to-know interaction between the two characters. Ellie and Graham’s love started with Graham’s need for a pig walker on a busy night. He mistakenly sent it to a girl named Ellie, who, obviously, isn’t a pig walker. After a few more emails, both of them were interested in meeting the other, but both of them were convinced that their meet-up has to take a rain check, considering the distance between them. Until the day Graham’s movie shoot took place in Ellie’s hometown.

A relationship like Graham and Ellie’s is quite a challenge. An enormous amount of adjustment and dedication is required in order to get said relationship to workout, and that is if both of the people involved share mutual feelings for each other. I, personally, am not a big fan of engaging one’s self into a relationship without any certainty of safety and security in terms of privacy and the concerns of the heart. Falling in love with a high profile individual is hard, you guys! It’s not something that I would advice or recommend to a simple and down-to-earth type of girl. It’s too much of a strain.

But then again, if it’s meant to happen, it WILL happen. 🙂

How about you guys? What do you think?

This post is in participation of Jayvee of Writer for Misfit‘s #JenniferESmithMonth. Check out her amazing blog for more information! 🙂


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